slaapkamerkast TheNewYorkConnection

Dan&Julia live in NYC,..and in A’dam. They had a very weird closet in the bedroom,..that couldn’t really be opened actually(!?). So they asked ZM to get the old one out and come up with a new design. And ow,..if it could be done in a week.
About half a year a go I came up with a way to construct a closet with seperate parts: blocks and slender steel rods. It seemed like the perfect chance to use this system. So I called Michiel on Monday,..thought it through tuesday morning,..made the drawings tuesday evening, al the parts wednesday,..and we built it thursday and friday.

all the buildingblocks of the closet have two routed slots over the top and bottom. You place the blocks, place two steel rods in the slots and stack another row of blocks,..and so on. It makes a very rigid structure and leaves a lot of freedom in the way you want to put together your closet.

I didn’t really have a name for this system yet,..let’s call it TheNewYorkConnection from now on.

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